Day: May 11, 2018

Chevy Truck Accessories – A Background

Chevy truck accessories may be just for looks, but often add-ons make trucks more useful and valuable. One often chosen accessory is a tonneau cover. If you want the best cover, a retractable tonneau is often the best choice. Here’s why…

One of the main functions of bed covers is securing cargo. Now just covering the cargo enhances security since what’s hidden from view is less likely to disappear. But for real security, a hard cover turns a truck bed into a locking vault much like a car trunk.classic chevrolet parts

That’s where retractable tonneaus really look like the best. That’s because you get a powder-coated aluminum top that’s very difficult to get in unless you have a key. That’s real security for cargo, a locked metal box.

Now other hard covers offer the same type of security. Tilting fiberglass covers for example are equally as tough as retractable covers. Here’s the difference though…

No hard cover offers more convenience than retractable covers. See, with tilting covers the cover will only close on cargo that fits below the bed sides. Think about all the things you can haul that are higher than the side of a pickup. That includes lawn mowers, washing machines, bicycles, and the list goes on and on.

Roll up soft covers offer easy bed access, but don’t provide hard covers security. But the retractable covers are just as easy to use for hauling as soft covers and much more secure. In fact, it is even easier to use retractable covers since there’s no need to roll the covers out of the way. Retractable just slide right where you wan them.

Choose a power remote control and open and close the cover at the touch of a button.

Now, maybe remote access is a bit much. But when you think about it, it’s really no different than a remote truck access. That’s really what you get with a retractable cover. You get a giant lockable trunk that opens and closes with the greatest of ease.

The Jack Rabbit tonneau is a popular example. It features no-drill mounting with clamp-on installation. The lock system is concealed and virtually tamper-proof. Another plus to this model is the under the rail mount. That means the cover mounts below the level of the side rails for a sleek look that doesn’t cover stake pockets.

Chevy truck accessories include many parts that make pickups more useful and valuable. If you want the very best truck bed cover, consider a retractable tonneau to turn your truck bed into a sleek, tamper-resistant, locked box.


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