St. CharlesWindow Installer Helping Guide

The variety of window shapes and sizes available to today’s homeowners is impressive and window companies are always coming out with new innovations. One of the most popular ways to customize the look of your windows is to add grilles. These are the crossed slats that break up the look of a pane of glass so that it appears to have several individual panes (usually four or six smaller squares within a pane). They can add a touch of authenticity to a historical house or add interest to a modern home depending upon the style, color and material you choose.

Between The Glass Versions
The majority of today’s homeowners prefer grilles that are enclosed between the two sheets of glass found in double-hung windows. Because they are sealed between the panes, they never need to be painted, stained or otherwise cared for. They also make it easier to clean your windows because there aren’t any slats in the way when you wipe down the glass. These are popular with almost any style of home and are the easiest to care for. Window companies often recommend these to homeowners who are looking for additional appeal with easy care.

Fixed Grilles For Architectural Interest
These are exactly what they sound like – grilles fixed to the windows on the outside of the glass. Window companies usually attach them permanently to the exterior glass or the interior depending upon your preference and the style of the house. Most people choose to have them on both the interior pane and the exterior pane for a more architectural look that’s in keeping with traditional homes. If you want the windows to look as historically accurate as possible, you can have spacers installed between the panes of glass that will actually cast a shadow in order to give the appearance of small, individual pieces joined together by crisscrossed slats. To learn more about theĀ St. Charles window installer.

Mixed Window Styles Combine Easy Cleaning And Realistic Appearance
If you love the look of stationary grilles but hate the idea of having to clean between each section of glass, window companies recommend having a fixed one on the outside of your windows and removable versions on the interior side. The removable versions usually pop into place and can be easily taken out so that you can clean the whole pane and pop the slats back into place. If you have interior wood trim, this is a great option because you can have them stained to match the wood trim.

Style Options From Top Window Companies
While you can get grilles for virtually any house style, they are most popular on colonial homes for an authentic look that mimics older homes. If you prefer an uninterrupted view but want to add some interest, consider having them installed on only the top half of your double hung windows. If your architecture is more modern or contemporary, you could opt for fractional styles, which are installed on only one portion of the pane, usually across the top. There are also diamond pane styles, arched versions for Palladian windows and an array of customized options, so take the time to talk to a few window companies in your area who can help you choose the best grilles for your home.